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Modeling of heterogeneous structures to improve the safety of complex technical systems in the course of their life cycle


Hadi Shaker Auday assistant lecturer, University of technology (Baghdad, Iraq), postgraduate student, sub-department of theoretical and applied mechanics, Penza State University
Litvinov Aleksandr Nikolaevich doctor of technical scienses, professor, sub-department of theoretical and applied mechanics, Penza State University

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The problem of ensure the safety of products containing a heterogeneous structure in the process of their life cycle was considered. For microassemblies of rectangular type, that represent a heterogeneous structure mathematical modeling of the stress-strain state of its elements when crimping the outer overpressure was fulfilled. To build the mathematical model methadone finite element package implemented in ANSYS in threedimensional formulation was used. Numerical modeling for the stress-strain state microassemblies was done and practical recommendations for the definition of admissible pressure molding design were given, taking into account technological features of designed microassemblies and modeling results

Key words

three-dimensional modeling, the state heterogeneous structure, microassembly, board, crimping, software package

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